A man’s prostate has often been called the g-spot of the male body. In society, we widely accept that a woman’s g-spot almost acts like a magic button, that if pushed correctly, will unleash the ultimate orgasm time and time again.

So it comes as no surprise that if the possibility for men to have the same sexual experience arrives, many will be looking to see how they can achieve it. But should you ask an amateur partner or friend to massage your prostate or book in with a professional sensual masseuse?


One of the most frequent arguments for an amateur to perform your prostate massage is that you can choose someone you trust and have established an intimacy with. The often unexpected difference between an escort and an erotic massage therapist is that your masseuse wants to offer an atmosphere of intimacy as well. Professional sensual masseuses want to create a relaxed environment that puts you, the client, at the center of everything they do, and is there anything truly more intimate than that?

A sensual massage therapist creates a serene, open environment for you to be relaxed in and it may even be more relaxed than where you work or live!

It is a misconception that a prostate masseuse won’t be friendly or dedicated during your time together, and any hesitations or questions can be addressed either on the day of your appointment or prior to booking.


Some men might believe that if they are simply curious about a prostate massage rather than one hundred percent committed to the idea of it, that seeking pleasure from an amateur is the best way to explore prostate massages.

When a professional, skilled erotic masseuse massages your prostate, there is actually a whole process involved in the session. The massage will often begin with a body-to-body erotic massage to gradually build up to massaging your prostate, rather than trying to go ahead too quickly with no plan or thought process. This is due to the extensive training and understanding a professional erotic masseuse will have compared to an amateur, and you will, therefore, get all the optimal benefits from a prostate massage if you ensure you get it from someone who knows what they are doing.

As mentioned before, the prostate has been called the male g-spot. This means by handling it properly, men can achieve the deepest and most intense orgasms they are physically capable of as long as it is done correctly. You wouldn’t trust someone to fix your car if they had no experience, so why take any risks with your body?


Men will sometimes choose an amateur prostate massage over a professional prostate massage simply as a matter of convenience. You may live with a partner or simply know someone nearby who would most likely give you a prostate massage, however, this shouldn’t be your deciding factor in where to go for a prostate massage.

Xmassage provides links to available sensual masseuses all over the UK with locations and availability to suit your needs. You simply cannot put a price on the value of experience and training, and so if there is an experienced sexual masseuse near where you live, why not make the most of their services rather than chance a bad experience for convenience?

If you do have a partner already but want to seek out professional services, it is always advised to talk with your partner about it first. The best sexual relationships work on a foundation of honesty, communication, and understanding, so it is best to explain what you want and why you need a professional sensual massager to perform it rather than your partner for a stress-free experience.

When it comes to sexual services, there is no question that the expertise and professionalism of trained erotic therapist trump any attempt an amateur could make no matter how honorable their efforts. Be sure to look through the copious locations and masseuses Xmassage can offer when you check online to book your prostate massage and achieve your ultimate orgasm.