As society gets more open and freer with exploring sexual pleasure, a number of people are looking to sensual massages as a way to unleash the body. You can find a number of massage directories to connect with a professional, skilled masseuse, but what exactly happens when you do eventually find the right one?

Preparation for the Session

Erotic massage is supposed to be just that; erotic. To make sure nothing spoils the mood, ensure you are clean and well enough to allow the massager to fulfill your massage fantasies. As there is no penetration or actual sex during an erotic massage, basic hygiene for the parts your masseuse will be touching is simply good manners, and you want to ensure you are healthy enough to enjoy the massage experience to its fullest potential.

You also want to make sure that you have done the correct background checks and booked your erotic massage through a reliable and efficient vendor to keep your experience stress-free and enlightening, as well as ensuring your erotic massage therapist is qualified to give you the ultimate satisfaction in a sexual massage.

What Happens Before the Session

If you have chosen the perfect erotic massage parlor, you will find that the atmosphere when you enter is like that of a spa. Sensual massage experiences start with putting massage clients at ease in a location that relieves them holistically as well as sexually. Erotic massage therapists and the staff at erotic parlors make an effort to be welcoming and warm to each of their clients, and so where you might find the atmosphere with escorts cold and uninviting, the opposite is true of a qualified erotic massage therapist.

There will also be a conscious effort to ensure you are comfortable and enjoying everything that the masseuse will be doing to your body, and a communicative, positive experience between you and your chosen erotic masseuse will ensure the ultimate climax during your massage.

What Happens During the Session

Now for the fun part. You will find that most erotic massage therapists perform sexual massages naked or topless. Don’t forget that although erotic massage focuses on the feeling and climax of sensual touch, your sensual massage therapist will want your experience to comprise of all your senses including sight.

The room your massage will take place in should have a serene ambiance unless there is a themed room you have asked for or have been made aware of. Lights should be low to ensure you are focused on the feeling of the massage, and the massage therapist will most likely be using scented oils and relaxing music throughout your experience.

During the physical erotic massage, your masseuse will focus on teasing and touching the most erogenous parts of your body, giving special attention to how to react to certain massage actions to ensure your message is both personalized and wholly fulfilling. You will find that your body may tingle far more than usual during sexual activities as a trained erotic massage therapist will be focusing on the parts of your body with the most sensitive nerves, as well as finding a pace that gets you going at your most optimal speed. As previously mentioned, your massage therapist will be making an effort to put you at ease and give you a relaxing environment, so don’t be afraid to truly release yourself and give in to the incredible sensations you will be feeling all over your body.

After the Session

Most of the time, a climax or “happy ending” is desired for a client. This is completely down to you and you can discuss with your therapist how you want to finish your erotic massage. Typically, facilities will have shower rooms where you can clean the oil before you leave but double-check before you go if there is anything you need to bring for after the massage.

Now you are prepared for your first sensual massage, make time to book an appointment through Xmassage for a sensual, erotic experience you will never forget. Be ready to be revitalized and realigned from your erotic massage, and be sure to explore other forms of sensual massage you might enjoy.